Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie & Couple Therapist

Satu Marjatta Massaly

Coaching – Workshops – Couples & Single Counseling

“Through an appreciative and free dialogue, I see myself as a companion to a deeper benevolent understanding of personal intentions and needs. This is an important key to find a satisfied and self-determined way of life and relationships and ultimately to develop cross-cultural authenticity."

multilingual online counseling

I offer couple and single counseling worldwide via digital platforms and phone call in English, German and Finnish. A prerequisite for this is the consent of all those involved with the data protection regulation of the respective provider (RED Connect, Zoom, Jitsi-Meet, Skype or similar) and the state law

The Aim of the Counseling is an Individual Solution on Topics such as...

Of course I am happy to answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you via mobile 01522 9267514 or email satumassaly@online.de satumassaly@online.de

... and to be able to accompany you temporarily on your path through life!

Satu Marjatta Massaly

"Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie" and Couple Therapist

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currently on the prevention of covid-19:
In practice personal couple and single counseling is currently possible. The practice follows all necessary hygiene requirements. In addition - depending on the current situation - there is the option to switch to online counseling via Teams, Skype or Zoom.

Satu Marjatta Massaly

"Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie" and Couple Therapist

Couple & Single Counseling