Frequently asked questions about cross-cultural couple counseling, couple workshops and individual therapy:

Below are frequently asked questions from my practice. If a question is missing from the list, please send me an email to expand the questionnaire.

Do you have a duty of confidentiality?

“Yes, the counseling and couple workshops take place in a protected room of confidenciality. As a “Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie”, I am subject to confidentiality – §203 (1) of the Criminal Code (StGB). "

What can I do if my partner does not want to take part in counseling?

“In a partnership, one's own influence is often underestimated. In any case, it makes sense to come to a single counseling and to see what is in your own power to improve the quality of the relationship. Because: if one person changes his or her attitude, the relationship will also change. "

Does nationality or worldview matter?

"No, people of all nationalities, regardless of gender, worldview or age are welcome in couple counseling, individual therapy or a couple workshop."

Which method do you use in counseling and therapy?

“Depending on the situation, very different therapeutic tools are available. As a basis, I use the humanistic approach. Because I am convinced that every person already has the solution to master his life. Important methods that are used in my counseling are talk therapy according to Carl Rogers, developmental psychology, attachment therapy, systemic family therapy combined with practical couple and individual exercises. "

Can it be too late for a couple counseling?

"No, it's never too late to get to the bottom of things and learn to understand how such a deep crisis could have taken place. The goal of counseling may not always be the preservation of the partnership - sometimes it is an important contribution to a separation without rancor and bitterness. That is the most important prerequisite for a constructive and benevolent change."

Is the counseling provided by the German health insurance company?

"Statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs for “Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie”-counseling. Additional insurances may help here, because some of them offer packages that cover “Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie”-counseling."

Is therapy provided by private health insurances?

"Privately insured persons should check with their insurance company before they start the counseling whether the costs will be covered. In principle, costs for couple counselings are not covered by health insurance companies."                         

Can counseling or therapy take place in multiple languages?

"Yes, counseling is possible in German, English and Finnish. In addition, I have good passive knowledge of French, so that clients can communicate their point of view in their native language. In this case, the consultations can take place bilingually."

Is couple counseling helpful after a separation?

"Yes, it can be very emotionally relieving to process the separation together. Especially for couples who have children together, the relationship continues as parents. Usually both parents want to make a contribution to education and remain in a balanced contact with the children. This also means for the parents to create a smooth and respectful relationship with one another. There are many decisions regarding the children which have to be discussed."

How long does couple counseling or individual therapy take?

“Counseling for couples or individual therapy can take different lengths of time. Most couples or individual clients attend three to twenty sessions. Some people prefer also long-term support at larger intervals as a crisis prevention or for achieving personal progress."

When should you make a couples counseling?

“Couple counseling makes sense if one of the two partners feels dissatisfaction in the relationship. The sooner you as a couple actively address the difficult issues, the easier it will be to find a solution. The longer a conflict implicit in the relationship, the more likely are unnecessary mutual injuries that put additional stress on the relationship."

My partner does not want to participate in couple counseling. Do I benefit from single sessions?

"In any case, it makes sense to come alone and first look for a solution on your own. In the appreciative dialogue, for example, you can become aware of your own characteristics and beliefs which emerge from your own biography. These topics may be reflected in the context of your partnership too. What is possibly an unconscious contribution to the current conflict from your side? Probably a pattern repeats itself in the course of the own life? Finding the answers to these questions can be very relieving and motivating.”

What are the benefits of counseling from a “Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie”?

"The psychological counseling or therapy can be started at short notice. The selection of humanistic therapeutic approaches is wide-ranging in the methods of “Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie”. Another aspect can be important: the therapy with the “Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie” is not recorded in the health insurance." 

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If a question is missing from the list, please send me an email to expand the questionnaire.

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