intercultural couple workshop

Good communication is the be-all and end-all of a successful relationship

Participation in the workshop gives you as a couple time and opportunity to talk to each other. You sharpen your attention for one another, train the art of listening and to engage in a change of perspective. Further more: the moderated couple exercises make a different perspective on the relationship possible. You will learn more about the influence of your own attitude and behavior on the quality of the relationship. Your privacy as a couple, of course, remains protected. The workshop is multilingual, depending on the group composition: German, English or Finnish.


"The workshop was very good because we were able to meet each other on a completely different level as a couple and so we became aware of "new" things and we were able to gain new perspectives on ourselves." German (43 years), Partner from Canada


 "A practice-rich seminar that touches the heart and lets the partner appear in a new perspective. I take some impulses with me for everyday life. Thank you!" (June 2019) German (34 years), Partner from Iran. German woman (34 y.), Partner from Iran.


 "Intensive – exciting couple workshop. Surprised how much we could take with us for practical exercises / methods in a short time. Different methods, also from the body work, which I liked very much. New knowledge that brought me a new view of myself and my relationship - it opened my eyes." (October 2018) German woman, Norwegian man (both approx. 30 y.)


 "A great intercultural couple workshop in Cologne. We are very happy to have taken part in this workshop and have partially rediscovered ourselves here and received new valuable ideas for dealing with a relationship. Pleasant workshop manager with a lot of experience and great warmth and empathy." Italian woman, German man (both approx. 40 y.)


couple workshop

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Satu Marjatta Massaly

"Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie" and Couple Therapist

Couple & Single Counseling