Single Therapy & Coaching

Cross-Cultural Single Therapy

Everybody knows difficult periods in which the situation seems to get out of hands with a feeling of being unable to solve them without help. Triggers may be disturbing events such as the loss of a job, a loved one or health problems. Just as well, the reason for an individual therapy can be the discovery of repetitive and unsatisfactory behavior patterns that seem to follow an “invisible script” in everyday life. Mental imprints, injuries and beliefs from the past often block the realization of own potentials. Through the retroactive comprehension old patterns can be released and replaced by new strategies that serve the personal development. I am convinced that everyone has the solution within him-/herself and I understand myself as a guide to this inner knowledge.

Global cultures, traditions and the people are an inexhaustible source of spiritual and material wealth. People with a history of immigration and their immediate environment (e.g. partners, families, employers) also have to overcome language and cultural barriers. These additional hurdles in everyday life often lead to emotionally stressful misunderstandings in communication. Misunderstandings can trigger feelings of inferiority and loneliness as well as other potential for conflict.

Contents of a single therapy:


Through an appreciative and non-judging dialogue in the context of individual therapy, I see myself as a guide to a deeper benevolent understanding of personal intentions and needs. This is an important key to find a happy and self-determined way of life and to develop cross-cultural authenticity too.

Intercultural Coaching


The coaching includes basically the same content as individual therapy. However, it focuses on the immediate decision-making in the "here & now" and the concrete solution. For this reason, intercultural single coaching suits especially in acute crises that require immediate action, such as:


The attitude of a successful coaching means that inner and outer freedom develop through the appreciative interaction. In addition to a solution-oriented dialogue, I support the process in individual coaching with practical exercises that sharpen self-awareness and enable an expanded view of the own situation. 

“A bird only becomes aware of its wings, when it jumps off the branch ... and flies.”

– C. Wagner –


“Ms. Massaly knows how to provide sensitive and impartial advice. She has a good sense of mood and takes the time to respond to it. You always feel in good hands in the always very pleasant consulting atmosphere.” “Ms. Massaly offers various methods of counseling and coaching. Appointments are always kept reliably, appointments work perfectly and can be flexibly adjusted as required. The costs are communicated transparently and in my opinion are appropriate for the service provided." German woman (35 years)


"A very valuable time in which I made progress that I never thought was possible and I often rediscovered myself. Every time I look forward to "my time" anew because I know that I am strengthened and enriched by some new impulses. For myself, it is particularly important to me that nothing is put on me from the outside. Everything that we work out already exists in me and is carefully and gently awakened or brought to light in various ways. I am fascinated by the well-founded approaches – especially the systemic in its simple clarity. More and more I manage to integrate what I have learned in the therapy into my everyday life and I experience many situations with other people in a completely different way. I'm glad I took this step, none of my previous doubts have been confirmed. In conversation therapy with Satu Massaly, I found exactly the companion that my soul had wanted for a long time." German man (40 y.) 

Satu Marjatta Massaly

"Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie" and Couple Therapist

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